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The Ohio Bigfoot Organization strives to be a dependable portal for witnesses of this elusive creature to submit reports of their experiences in a manner free of barriers and limitations. The Ohio Bigfoot Organization actively participates in efforts to locate and record the existence of bigfoot creatures in the field. Members collaborate and share information concerning the creature known as bigfoot in a manner that allows it to be dispatched swiftly and easily to investigators and researchers who can work with this information and use it towards the ultimate goal of finding and documenting the existence of these creatures.

Bigfoot Compared to Human and Gorilla Size

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Bigfoot Time = Plus/Minus 3 days Full Moon


Monday, July 21, 2008

Send us your reports of Sightings !!

You can be part of the Solution. Please send us your reports of Sightings. It can be 10 years old or 10 minutes ago... We want to hear from you..

Ever see something, you can't explain while walking in Ohio woods? Maybe it scared you or maybe you think it could have been a Bigfoot, a large walking up right creature. The Ohio Bigfoot Organization has a professional trained staff of investigators. We would love to talk to you and hear about your encounter. please call toll free BigFooT OHIO, that's 1-877-BFT-Ohio (1-877-238-6446) your call is toll free anywhere in Ohio, and someone will call you back with in 48 hours to chat or to try answer your questions. Our lines are open 24 hrs a day - call now.